Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photos of Welsh Butteries

Thank you cousin Martin for sending photos of the Welsh Butteries! They are a handsome bunch! First, here's a recap of the lineage.

William Buttery of Jersey, Channel Islands, had 10 children with Alega "Ety" Haywood. The 8th child, Albert Edward Buttery settled in Newfoundland (my branch.) The 4th child, Joseph Henry Buttery, Sr. settled in Wales and fathered Joseph Henry Buttery, Jr. and Jenny Buttery. Joseph Jr.'s family is the subject of these photos. His children were as follows:
  1. Enis May (1909-1956)
  2. Leslie John Henry (1911-1966)
  3. Iris Ena (1915-1996)
  4. Vera Maude (1921-2000)
  5. Joseph "Kenny" Kenneth Buttery (1923-1992)
Remember to click on these photos to enlarge
Joseph  Buttery, Jr. circa 1916
Seated left to right: Enis, Leslie, Janette, Iris
Janette circa 1917
Children left to right: Leslie, Iris, Enis
Iris Buttery Wedding (to Jim Howells) circa 1935
Back row: 3rd from left, Leslie Buttery; far right, Ken Buttery; 3rd from right, Joseph Buttery
Front row: far left, Vera Buttery; far right, Janette Buttery; next right, Enis Buttery
Leslie, Janette and Ken "Kenny" Buttery
Harbour Village, Goodwick, Wales circa 1950
Joseph and Janette Buttery with daughters in Harbour Village, Goodwick, circa late 1940s
Daughters left to right: Iris, Vera

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  1. August 25, 2013.

    Beautiful photographs.

    Love from Northern Irish/Canadian cousin.


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