Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gotta love this, Newfies! It's been the Year of the Iceberg in Newfoundland. This Newfie descendant can't see them in person, but enjoyed miniaturizing them for a whimsical accessory. The adjustable silver plated circle bezel ring holds handcrafted clay icebergs, whale and water. The glaze covering gives the surface a kind of gel-like feel. The icebergs have more of a rubbery feel than hard or rough. The ring is approx. 1 inch across (25 mm). Purchase here!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flight Over Little Bay East

This is beautiful footage! What better way to see your ancestral home?

Bay Largent is the little village next to LBE. The plane flies from the east across the Burin Peninsula, over LBE, onto Bay Largent and circles back around.

And here's a drone over Cape Spear. It goes through the iceburg.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

R.I.P. Walter William Scott (1928-2014)

I am sad to announce the passing of Walter (AKA Walt or Sonny) Scott this morning in Rochester, NY. He was the son of Walter Archibald Scott from Little Bay East, Newfoundland. Obituary

Walter worked at Kee Lox, a paper company, many years before getting hired by Eastman Kodak and working on the instant camera until his retirement in 1990.

FYI: Many Scotts were associated with Eastman, including my great grandfather William Scott of Little Bay East.

Left with sister Shirley Alice mid 1930s

2nd from top right circa 1940s

Walter & Lorraine

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reopening the Blackmore Search

3/13/14: I have found a record for Annie Blackmore who died in Sydney River, NS in 1940. Very possibly our Annie. We know she worked in North Sydney in 1937.
2/10/14: The boy in the middle in the checkered shirt is believed to be John Amey, brother of Hilda on the right. This leaves the girl on the far left the only person unidentified in this photo.

As some of you may know, it took me a couple of years to find out what happened to the youngest child (Rosanna/Rosie) of Albert Edward Buttery and "Lizzie" Lomond and I posted my findings here:

AND on my Mysteries Page, I have had this photo posted of the Scott family with a bunch of kids--the 3 youngest unknown.

I'm happy to say the youngest child has been identified as Hilda Amey! A few days ago, I finally made contact with her descendants in the Niagara Falls area. Hilda was the youngest child of Maud Buttery--sister to my great grandmother Eliza Buttery Scott. I have many more posts on the blog relating to my research on Maud and her family.

We think this photo was taken around 1925 when Maud and Hilda* lived with the Scotts. Maybe 1924. Rosanna died in 1923 and the thought crossed my mind that maybe the 2 children on the left are hers. As I have not yet tracked down Rosanna's descendants, I don't have a lot of info on the family, but it seems she had two children--John and Annie. I'm a little doubtful that these are the kids in the photo, however. I think Annie was born around 1920--same year as Hilda. John was born in 1916, so this boy seems a little young and the girl too old.

I would still like to find out what happened to Rosanna's family. Rosanna married Fredrick Blackmore 20 May 1914 in Channel. I believe the Blackmores had family in Nova Scotia and most likely settled there. I have record of John Blackmore, a seaman, visiting a George Blackmore in Halifax, 1937.

  • Annie Blackmore worked as a domestic on King Street in North Sydney, NS in 1937.
  • Fred Blackmore remarried Elosure Patience Crocker.
  • In the 1934 census, the family is still living in Channel-PAB.

*It appears Maud's son John lived with husband Philip in the 1925 census. Maud and Philip were estranged. Maud died in 1929.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tour Canada!

A couple of weeks ago I was helping some friends move in Atlanta, GA. When I first arrived at their apartment, I was greeted with a u-Haul and THIS graphic plastered on the side.

Needless to say, I got a HUGE grin on my face! I couldn't believe it! You never hear mention of Newfoundland--or even Canada--here in America, and I think it is such a tragedy. Sadly, I have never been to Canada, but I have studied it on a grand scale. I really don't see a need to travel to Europe when everything is in this country--mountains, sea, small villages, and people with British and French accents!

I don't know what is the bigger draw to Canada--the physical beauty or the inner beauty of its people. Of all of my friends on Facebook, Canadians seem the most jolly, the most happy-go-lucky, the most content. They never complain. I love these people!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Another movie filmed in Jersey, Channel Islands

Our Butteries came from Jersey, and u can again see its beauty in Under the Greenwood Tree. (See previous post on miniseries Lillie.)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photos of Welsh Butteries

Thank you cousin Martin for sending photos of the Welsh Butteries! They are a handsome bunch! First, here's a recap of the lineage.

William Buttery of Jersey, Channel Islands, had 10 children with Alega "Ety" Haywood. The 8th child, Albert Edward Buttery settled in Newfoundland (my branch.) The 4th child, Joseph Henry Buttery, Sr. settled in Wales and fathered Joseph Henry Buttery, Jr. and Jenny Buttery. Joseph Jr.'s family is the subject of these photos. His children were as follows:
  1. Enis May (1909-1956)
  2. Leslie John Henry (1911-1966)
  3. Iris Ena (1915-1996)
  4. Vera Maude (1921-2000)
  5. Joseph "Kenny" Kenneth Buttery (1923-1992)
Remember to click on these photos to enlarge
Joseph  Buttery, Jr. circa 1916
Seated left to right: Enis, Leslie, Janette, Iris
Janette circa 1917
Children left to right: Leslie, Iris, Enis
Iris Buttery Wedding (to Jim Howells) circa 1935
Back row: 3rd from left, Leslie Buttery far right, Ken Buttery 3rd from right, Joseph Buttery
Front row: far left, Vera Buttery far right, Janette Buttery next right, Enis Buttery
Leslie, Janette and Ken "Kenny" Buttery
Harbour Village, Goodwick, Wales circa 1950
Joseph and Janette Buttery with daughters in Harbour Village, Goodwick, circa late 1940s
Daughters left to right: Iris, Vera

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